NYC GUIDE 4: What to do and eat in Midtown


When daydreaming about the bustling and exciting city of New York, people usually imagine the iconic sights in Midtown.

This neighbourhood is the quintessential image of New York City, with Times Square, Rockefeller, Grand Central Station, Flat Iron and Broadway all calling Midtown home.

For first time visitors to New York I would highly recommend staying in Midtown. It’s situated at the centre of the city making it easy to get around and of course you’re a short walk away from all the recognisable sights.


What to do:
  •  Times Square: The area is a hub of lights, noise and activities. It’s always incredibly crowded, especially in summer, so expect to be jostled around. Tip: The people dressed as characters will expect to be tipped if you take a photo with them.
  •  Broadway: The area around Times Square is filled with theatres. During this trip, we watched Anastasia at Broadhurst Theatre, which was so beautiful and also saw Chicago at the Ambassador Theatre. Tip: To get discount Broadway tickets line up early at a TKTS Booth or head to the box office of the show you want to see on the day.
  • Rockefeller Centre: This building is a landmark of New York City. A must-visit is the Top of the Rock, an observation deck where you can get incredible views of the city. Tip: pre-book your visit to the Top of the Rock online and you can just go straight on up.
  •  Empire State Building: Another landmark building of New York City. We went to the top of the Empire during our winter trip to NYC and saw amazing views of the city at night.
  • Grand Central Station: Cue footage of Serena Van Der Woodsen. This iconic transport hub is a beautiful and fascinating sight with people rapidly walking in all different directions getting to their platforms. This is the perfect place to do a bit of people watching and admire the architecture around you.
  •  New York Public Library: You can wander aimlessly through this beautiful and grand library and enjoy every second of it. The grand design and beautiful murals across the ceilings and walls are captivating.
  • Bryant Park: Behind the library is this beautiful park. During winter we ice-skated in the park and during our recent summer trip, we watched performances and had a little picnic.
  •  Flat Iron: This distinctive New York structure is another great and unique sight of NYC.
  • Madison Square Park: This park is located next to Flat Iron. It’s a great little lunch spot with the OG Shake Shack.
  • Herald Square: Hello shopping! The summer heat in NYC can be intense, so we escaped the heat with some shopping in Macys, Victoria’s Secret and Sephora. 

Where to eat:
  • Eataly: This Italian marketplace is a must visit. It has multiple restaurants, an Italian grocer and a gelato store under one roof.
  • Koreatown: For dinner, definitely hit up a restaurant in Koreatown. We ate at Han Bat restaurant and I enjoyed a yummy bi bim bap.

Thanks for reading!
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