Maré Island, New Caledonia

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After the long bus ride through immense greenery, grass the height of a person and beautiful tropical trees we made it to a crystal blue beach on Maré. We settled down under a tree, then dived right into the pristine water with our snorkels and swam among the colourful fishes.

Behind the beautiful beach was a strip of huts with local vendors selling food. There seemed to be no electricity in sight, so each hut had a fire pit with a pot of oil over it frying up some chips or cooking chicken over the fire. My mum got into conversation with one of the vendors so I popped over, ordered some of the delicious chicken and veggies satays and got into my first proper French conversation outside of class with the loveliest local. It felt nice to know the last three years of learning another language, wasn’t a waste of time. Oh and the chicken and veggies were delicious, I still think about it. The satay was marinated in a beautiful sauce and served with bread on a banana leaf that was ripped off the tree just moments before they bought it out for me. I'll never forget Maré.

  •  Speak to the locals – they’re wonderful and most speak two or three languages (so jealous)
  • Go snorkelling
  • Eat the food – the chicken satay is amazing!
  • Drink/eat the coconuts – the coconuts were a tad sweeter and had softer flesh than the ones in Vanuatu
  • Put sunscreen on!

  •  Go barefoot on the beach – the sand is a bit rough
  • Forget a towel to lay down on the sit on the sand

Thanks for reading!
Nat xx

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