Mystery Island, Vanuatu

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Mystery Island, the beautiful island of mystery, where there are no inhabitants other than tall palm trees and fine white sand. Stories of cannibalism and other taboos scared locals away from the island. Nowadays the locals reside at a nearby island but travel out to Mystery Island during the day to sell products to the tens of thousands of tourists visiting every year.

The fact that no one lives on the island and that there is no electricity makes it even more beautiful. While there is a market in the middle of the island for tourists and boats in the ocean for various activities, everything else looks untouched. Your feet sink into the white fine sand and the water is a clear crystal blue that invites you to swim among very visible fish and coral. When you're in the ocean and look back onto the island all your see is white sand and luscious green trees - not an electricity pole or building in sight. In the wise words of Chris Martin this is my "para para para paradise".

DOs in Mystery Island:
  • Go for a walk around the island, it only takes 30mins
  • Take a dip in the beautiful water
  • Go snorkelling - the water is so clear and swallow, it's so easy to swim among the fishes
  • Put sunscreen on! 
  • Explore the markets and their handmade goods (Australian dollars are accepted but make sure you have small bills on you, don't use coins).

DONTs in Mystery Island:

  • Eat the coconuts - they're so tangy (unless you like that)
  • Waste your money on a clear glass boat ride - get some snorkels, go in the water and do it yourself (unless you can't swim)

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Nat xx

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Nouméa, New Caledonia

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After three days at sea on a cruise ship, we arrived in Nouméa, New Caledonia, on the first day of 2017. For the past three days, all that surrounded us was sea, so the sight of land was greatly welcomed. The city is made up of concrete buildings, some of beautiful bright colours, others keeping to the original grey. The French influence in Nouméa is omnipresent, from the language, people to the supermarkets (Carréfour).

Unfortunately we couldn't do a great amount of exploring, eating or shopping as everything was closed, due to the fact that it was new years day. Everybody in New Caledonia was probably nursing their hangover, as were all the people on the cruise.

We relied on the sightseeing bus and hop on hop off bus to get a taste of Nouméa. We went to some spectacular viewpoints, drove past prominent government buildings and spent the afternoon sitting on Citron beach absorbing the beautiful air.

DOs in Nouméa:
  • Hop on hop off bus - drive along on the beautiful coastline
  • Citron beach - calm water with a diving station in the middle of the water, great place to just sit, read a book and relax
  • Sun protection!

DON'Ts in Nouméa:

  • Go on New Years Day

Thanks for reading!
Nat xx

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