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Neoprene Tee: Mossman (similar), Neoprene Skirt: similar, Necklace: similar, Sunnies: Miss Shop (similar), Bag: (similar), Shoes: Sportsgirl (very similar)

So I haven't updated my blog in two weeks! Oops and sorry.
I'm still settling into University and just had assessments for my subjects. Unfortunately I'm still trying to figure out a routine to keep on top of my shit at uni, try to keep my room relatively tidy (it's just gross right now), exercise (which is not really happening at the moment) and of course keep updating An Odd Girl.

Back to the outfit:

I saw a street style photo of Miroslava Duma a while ago and instantly fall in love with the two matching neoprene pieces, so when I walked into Mossman one day and saw a neoprene tee and skirt that were on sale I had to refrain myself from screaming in excitement. 

Neoprene/ Scuba material is a trend I'm so thankful for! The look of the material is so unique and the structure can be so flattering. I have a neoprene dress which is of thicker material and thus is perfect to wear for colder weather. This two piece is of thiner material which makes it so breathable and just so damn comfortable.
Let's all just take a moment to appreciate Neoprene.

Thanks for reading!
Nat xx

Cat Eye

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Neoprene Tee Mossman (similar in navy blue and light blue and love this one) // Necklace (similar), Faux Leather Shorts Dotti (similar and really want these ones) // Cat Eye Sunglasses Asos // Watch Marc by Marc Jacobs

Sunglasses are not only the protectors of your iris but also your shield on public transport. Now that I have to take a train each morning to get to university the uncertainty of where your eyes should gaze has become a dilemma. Do I awkwardly just look at the floor? Or do I look outside the window and have my eyes darting back and fourth from the objects moving so quickly?

Is this an issue for anyone else? Or am I just weird?

Anyway... This is where sunglasses for me save the day. No one can see where I am looking and I can even get a cheeky shut eye on the train. Whoop whoop!

Lately I've been kinda obsessing over cat eye sunnies. I've been dreamily gazing at the lovely Chanel and Prada pair each time I visit Myer and David Jones, but I know deep down on the inside that the price tag is not worth it no matter how much I try to rationalise it in my head. Luckily I found a huge range of cat eye sunnies for awesome prices and scored myself the pair above for 20% off.

Below are a range of some awesome cat eye sunnies that are university student budget friendly:

Blue Stripe

IMG_6078 IMG_6101
Bag: Cambridge Satchel // Trousers: Gap (in white and khaki) // Shoes: similar // Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs // Sunnies: Ray-Ban // Belt: similar

I’m into my second week of university and I’m already feeling a drastic life style change. Last year I was walking to and from my high-school 5 days a week and now I’m taking the train into and from the city 4 days a week. I used to have a set school uniform and I now I have the difficult task of picking my outfits everyday, which the outfit above is an example of.

 Everything from my daily school schedule to my social life has changed. I’m meeting new people and trying as best as possible to fully immerse myself into the social aspect of university. Unfortunately I haven’t seen quite a few of my friends from high school who I used to see everyday. It’s a weird transition from seeing your close-knit friends everyday to hardly seeing them. One of my close friends even has a new nose piercing which I haven’t seen, even though a piercing isn’t a huge life altering event it feels weird that I haven’t seen her with it yet. Fortunately social media is a blessing and I can still keep in contact with my friends without seeing them. That means my friend and I have still been able to largely talk about her piercing and sending each other links of cool designs, including this site as a guide for nose ring buyers.

Hopefully soon I will see my friend with her new piercing and all my lovely friends from high-school.

I hope you new or returning university students have a great semester!

Thanks for reading!
Nat xx


New Chapter: University

Chanel Perfume Mademoiselle // Hermes Perfume // L'Occitane Hand Cream // Water Bottle // Parker Pens // Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch // Oroton Wallet // Keep Cup // Chanel Mirror // Essie Nail Polish // Oroton Umbrella // Ray Ban Sunglasses // Monogramed 15" Cambridge Satchel

My 4 month holiday since finishing high school has come to an end and tomorrow I start my first day at university. My daily routine of sleeping in and doing nothing other than watch tv series, eat copious amounts of food and walk my dog is about to change drastically. 

Whilst I am kinda sad that my holidays are over, I feel fully recuperated from the very stressful and torture inducing VCE/year 12 of high school. It has been a great 4 months; went on an awesome schoolies trip with my friends, went on two trips to Sydney and most importantly turned 18 (yay to being legal).

But now it's time to actually get up in the morning and do some real shit in my life and that is to work towards my university degree. I got accepted into the University of Melbourne and I couldn't be more joyous about completing my degree there. The huge Hogwarts like campus, the amazing students, the delicious coffee, the prestigious reputation and the lovely atmosphere makes me so excited that it will be my school for the next 3 and potentially 6 years (if I decide to do a masters degree).

To everyone starting or returning to university I wish you the best of luck!

Thanks for reading!!
Nat xx

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