Exploring Phantom Falls, Lorne, along the Great Ocean Road


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During our most recent trip to the Great Ocean Road in November of last year, we decided to explore the lesser known waterfall in Lorne, Phantom Falls. 

My original guide to the Great Ocean Road from January 2018 can be found here.

Phantom Falls is a gorgeous waterfall in the Great Otway National Park. It’s a 3.5km return trip that takes about 90 minutes. 

First, we drove to Allenvale Road Carpark and walked across the car park to the start of the Phantom Falls track. 

The tiny dirt track is surrounded by dense greenery and opens up to immense land, which we soon realised were peoples’ properties and a creek.

This track is less popular compared to Erskine Falls. We rarely saw people and the quiet sound of nature was so soothing.

As we continued our walk, the track turned into gravel and became steeper and steeper and my breathe became heavier and heavier.

After the uphills and climbing through some fallen tree branches, we finally got to the stairs descending down to Phantom Falls and what a lovely sight it was! We walked on top of all the rocks surrounding the waterfall to take it in from all angles.

During this visit to the Great Ocean Road, we revisited some of the sights we explored last year. Even though I had already seen them before, I was still so stunned by the beauty of the nature along the Great Ocean Road and feel so lucky that it’s in my home state.

Have any of you visited the Great Ocean Road? What are some of the favourite natural spots in your home state?

Photos by Ivor

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