My favourite monochrome look: All-navy

Coat: similar, Top: Comme Des Garcon, Pants: Marcs, Bag: Gucci, Shoes: Gucci, Sunglasses: Karen Walker

I adore monochromatic looks, but previously only participated in this trend through wearing all-black. As I have been collecting more pieces in my closet, being able to cover myself head to toe in one colour has become a regular look.

Photos by Ivor

Thanks for reading!
Nat xx

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  1. Gorgeous ouftit! Personally, I go very rarely for the monochrome look and if I do, I mostly wear all-black outfits and stay in my comfort zone. But I think I really should try something new. Very inspiring Post!

    Have a nice day!

  2. Beautiful look

  3. cool outfit!

  4. You look super radiant in this outfit coordinate!
    Loving a splash of red from the bag <3

    Hugs from Tokyo,


  5. Even though royal blue is a winter color, the contrast against all skin tones make it wearable year round. Great look!

  6. I love Yoins they have some good stuf there. Love your outfit. That coat is just stunning.

  7. Super glam look, I love your red bag!
    Kisses, Paola.

  8. Love love love your style! Amazing!
    Check my blog and my new post*
    xx, A Be-atriz

  9. I love that jacket!!



  10. dream purse!!


  11. That blue trench is really awesome!


  12. I love how you coordinated the colours. That blue is so vivid and stylish. you look stunning

  13. I love your Gucci bags and shoes! you look so chic ❤️

  14. great post!
    What you think about follow each other? Follow me and I follow you :)
    Please, follow both accounts. I'll add you from two accounts )

  15. Looks very classy and sophisticated. Love the sunglasses too.

  16. This is my favourite loo, too, as I think blue-red-white is simply the perfect colour combination! Love it!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  17. This look is so pretty! and I love the touch of color added by the bag


  18. Love this outfit - navy is such a great colour and it really makes a statement.

  19. Great look Nat!
    I love monochromic styles since it's such a great staple look :)


  20. That coat is lovely! ANd great blog as well !

    Stella xx

  21. such gorgeous outfits!!!


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