What to wear and where to eat in Byron Bay


What to wear:

I love the style in Byron Bay. While the people in Byron are a mixed bunch, the coastal free flowing style remains largely widespread. Byron style = light fabrics, linen, whites, denim, sandals, and coloured tassels - everything that screams SUMMER!

I found so many beautiful items on Zaful that emulate Byron's summer style - simple colourful prints, mini skirts and flowy fabrics.

Here are my favourite picks:
In order of appearance
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Places to eat:

Beach Hotel

The Beach Hotel overlooks the main beach of Byron Bay and really lives up to its name. There is a large outdoor area ready for you to soak up the sun or enjoy the fresh ocean air in the evening.

The night we arrived in Byron, we decided to go to this classic Byron institution and coincidentally the Sneaky Sound System were having a concert that night. So we paid $20 entry, ordered the cocktails on tap and danced the night away.

Balcony Bar
Photo 1, 3, 4

If you're looking for contemporary coastal décor inspiration, then you need to go to Balcony Bar. The Balcony Bar is an oasis of blue and green and just everything nautical.

The best part would have to be their cocktails and oysters! A full page of yummy refreshing and cheap cocktails (hallelujah!!) and also fresh yummy oysters. We went there during oyster happy hour and got a dozen oysters for $1 each, wowzers! 

Photo 5

Combi is a mix of Byron's beach life and Melburnian hipster café culture. Unsurprisingly there is a Combi in Melbourne. Think refreshing summer menu featuring vegan brunch, matcha everything and the obligatory options of almond milk and soy milk, all a five minute walk from the beach.

Three Blue Ducks
Photo 10, 11, 12

Three Blue Ducks is the delicious restaurant at The Farm Byron Bay. I had a delicious filtered coffee and all four of us ordered the tasty pork burger.

 The Farm is a must visit in Byron Bay. You can get a wonderful meal followed by some gelato from the ice cream cart, then wander around the farm and greet the animals. Oh and before you farewell The Farm you can pick up some pastries, local produce and flowers. It's got everything!

What are your favourite food spots and outfits when you're staying at a coastal town? 

Thanks for reading!
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An Australian icon: Cape Byron Bay


Byron Bay, NSW, Jan 17'

After our cruise ship from New Caledonia docked at Sydney Harbour, Ivor and I said farewell to my family and hopped onto a plane from Sydney to the iconic Byron Bay.

This was my first time visiting the much loved Australian holiday spot. The long white-sand and turquoise coastline is set upon rich green hinterlands. Sprinkled among the beautiful natural surrounds are trendy cafes, restaurants and bars, all of which have a coastal flare to them where everyone is wearing sandals and comfy yet stylish summer outfits.

The locals and holiday goers at Byron are a very eclectic bunch, from hippies, schoolies partyers (students finishing high school) to posh Sydney and Melbourne-siders.

I loved the coastal, but also multifaceted vibes of Byron. In the town's centre is streets lined with boutique clothing and homeware stores that range from low-priced souvenirs to upmarket designers. When you walk through Byron you never know what to expect, one night we stumbled upon a Sneaky Sound System concert and on another night during sunset we came across a vibrant drum circle on the beach.

Byron is a wonderful place to just wander around and is filled with beautiful spots such as Cape Byron Bay, which involves quite a windy drive to reach. Once we got up the cape, we saw an old cottage next to a picturesque white lighthouse. The views from up here of the ocean meeting the sand were incredible.

Byron Bay is a place where you must go if you are exploring New South Wales!

My next post will be on the great places to eat in Byron.

Thanks for reading!
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A must visit: Yejele Beach, Lifou Isle

IMG_0897 IMG_0899 IMG_0892 IMG_0905 IMG_0910 IMG_0926 IMG_0918 IMG_0916

Yejele Beach, Lifou Isle

So far in my documentation of this cruise trip to New Caledonia, I have without a doubt overused the world 'beautiful' and exhausted the use of the phase 'crystal blue water' (I should really work on expanding my vocabulary). Sorry for the tautology that's about it happen, but Yejele Beach was so beautiful with unbelievable crystal blue water, definitely the most beautiful and most blue beach out of the entire trip (wow yes I really need to expand my vocab).

It was quite a hot day when we visited Yejele beach, so I couldn't wait to jump into the water. Before that, we were welcomed into a hut with delicious looking local food and given a much needed beverage and flower crown. After that, I slapped on some more sunscreen (although there was no saving my lobster red skin), ran down the soft white sand, plunged into the warm clear ocean and stayed there for the afternoon.

As you can see from these photos the beach was vibrant colours of blue and green, it truly felt like being in paradise for the afternoon.

  • VISIT YEJELE BEACH - It's quiet and as mentioned at least twice, beautiful with crystal blue water.

  • Another repeated narrative in my chronicles of this cruise trip : DON'T FORGET TO WEAR SUNSCREEN. Don't use the spray stuff, it doesn't do jack. Slather yourself in thick SPF 50+ cream.

After this beachy cruise trip, I hopped on over to the Northern Hemisphere for some shopping and skiing. Look out for my Hong Kong and Japan blog posts.

Thanks for reading!
Nat xx

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