The last of Cali; Disneyland, LA and Calico!


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Los Angeles



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                               Disneyland outfit: Sunnies (Prada), Playsuit (similar), Nikes

The end time of our time on the West Coast was spent in sunny and hot winter California.

On our way to Los Angeles we stopped by a so-called ghost town named Calico. It had been a short lived mining town from the late 1800s that still looked the same, including floors covered with peanut shells (a little bit eww).

But back to modern times, by the time I woke up from the bus ride from Calico we were on the congested roads of Los Angeles. From a childhood of watching far too many Californian based television shows the houses and roads looked so familiar. Instantly, we were immersed into the glam (but also unglam) atmosphere of LA. I saw Usher driving his car along Melrose Avenue, a girl take her friend's designer handbag and hat just for da insta shot, a twitter username plastered onto the back of a mercedes, countless bling LV belts, dogs in handbags and Chloe Grace Moretz walking through LAX wearing sunnies and a fur coat. Ladies and gentlemen, the lavish over the top lifestyle of the City of Angels is real!

The highlight of my time in LA was at the most magical place in the World - Disneyland!! As soon as I walked in, after a very long wait, it felt like we were in another world. Everything adhered to the Disney ideology, from the buildings, ice cream, roller coasters, workers and even the Starbucks take-away cups. For a full 12 hours, my boyfriend and I joined the hoards of children in buying an excess amount of merchandise and food, and also lining up for hours for rides. The Disney parades were the definition of spectacular. The night parade involved huge colourful lit up floats with an incredible firework show finale. It was possibly one of my most joyful experiences.

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