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During my winter travels in Europe 6 months ago I visited Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna, Austria.

Our bus journey from Rome to Innsbruck involved a few hung-over friends and many Australians in awe of the snowfall outside.

Going from ancient Rome to Austrian cities was quite the change. There were less historical ruins and mock gladiators and much more mountainous scenery and layers of clothes.

We spent the afternoon in Innsbruck. We warmed up with hot chocolates, admired the distant beautiful mountainous landscape alongside the pastel coloured architecture and wandered through the first of many Christmas markets.

After our short stay in Innsbruck we travelled to Salzburg, the home of Mozart and the Sound of Music. My family are huge fans of the Sound of Music, so I was fangirling a bit knowing that I was in the city of the Von Trapp family singers. We explored the city by walking to many of its monuments at negative 4 degrees and it was the first time I had experience cold like that without being at the Snow Mountains for skiing. Although the cold at times for me was unbearable, it did not take away from the beauty of Salzburg. I will never forget reaching the top of the hill to visit the covet Maria stayed at and turning around to see the city of Salzburg with the mountains in the background. I remember shivering from the cold but could not bring myself to stop taking photos; it was so beautiful.

Next up was Vienna, with our first stop at Schobruun palace. My initial reaction to the palace was “Wow!” and after walking around the gardens I still could not comprehend its size. It was so lavish and grand, like nothing I’d seen before. Of course when I went to take some photos there was no SD card in my camera (sad face). We visited the Christmas market in between the museums, a Schnapps museum (slash tried various and too much schnapps) and at night went ice-skating. Our stay in Vienna was only a day but within that time I was able to appreciate the picturesque sights and have my first winter outdoor ice-skating experience with some wonderful friends.

Next up on my winter travels in Europe are Slovakia and Hungary.

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Sweater: & Other Stories, Shorts: Dotti, Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Clutch: PopBasic, Metal Bangle: h&m, Bracelet: Tiffany & Co, Boots: Asos

It was a couple of years ago when I realised neoprene was becoming more prominent in causal clothing and being the online shopping addict I am, my first port of call was online fashion stores for those scuba feels. I found a neoprene dress on Asos and thought this is either going to look great or weird on and to my surprise it fulfilled both potentials, which makes me like neoprene even more. I wore it to a party and will always remember the constant puzzled question "Are you wearing a scuba striped dress thing?" I replied "Yas!"

Since then my partiality to neoprene has not stopped. 

Whilst travelling in Europe and finally being able to hit up stores we don't have in Australia I was able to find this neoprene sweater in & Other Stories and I lurveeee it. Of course the lurveee for neoprene comes with constant surfer jokes and people stroking my sweater whilst I am wearing it, but it's all worth it. 

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Verona and Venice, Italy

Verona, Italy


Venice, Italy



Next up on our travels was Verona and Venice.

   On our way to beautiful Venice, we stopped by Verona for the afternoon and explored the setting of the famous tragedy "Romeo and Juliet" written by Shakespeare. I studied the text in year 9 and it wasn’t my favourite, however being in the midst of the supposed place of the famous star-crossed lovers was still quite the experience.

   The Romeo and Juliet sights were in a small location and overwhelmed with people. The sites included Juliet’s (quite small) balcony, a statue of Juliet that had a golden breast from being overly touched (for good luck) and a wall filled with love notes. Whilst the wall is a nice sentiment symbolising couples' love for each other, it is gross. It is riddled with chewing gum holding up love notes and I spotted a pad liner as a love note…. But all in all, whilst I felt a little claustrophobic and taken aback by the traditions at these “romantic” sites, it was still a notable experience being at the site of the famous Montagues and Capulets.

   Then we hopped back onto the bus and it was time for Venice. Luckily, I packed my trusty hunter wellies because Venice was flooded, however it added to the fun. The flood meant that many of us were piggy backing each other and wearing horrid plastic boots over our shoes and pants. Whilst the plastic boots my friends were wearing were not aesthetically pleasant, I couldn’t get over the beauty of Venice. The canals, the sea, the gondolas, the beautiful buildings and even the cobblestone grounds were an incredible sight. Our stay involved great espressos, a lace factory and a typical tourist gondola ride. It’s a place I definitely will not forget.

   Let me know your thoughts on Verona; the place of Romeo and Juliet and the incredible city of Venice.

  This posts sees the end of our stay in Italy, next up was Austria; Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna, which will hopefully be up soon.

Thanks for reading!
Nat xx

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