Happy Easter and Firmoo!


To my lovely readers in the Northern Hemisphere, get ready for summer with Firmoo sunglasses. With the sunny weather a summer essential is sunglasses, not only for eye protection but as a fashion accessory.

With chirping birds, blooming flowers and misty mornings, spring is here, which means summer is right around the corner. What can be a better way to spend it than to go to the beach, get a tan and swim to embrace the summer heat!  But are your sunglasses ready for it?  

To fully embrace the upcoming season, you will definitely need a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from those harmful rays and bright glares as well as creat an ultra chic look. Wraparound sunglasses is the best choice for you who are so enthusiastic about outdoor sports, such as playing golf, skiing and swimming. With one pair of wraparound sunglasses, you will not need to worry about the glare and strong sun light and enjoy your leisure time whole-heartedly. Are you concerned about your vision?  Don’t worry! You can get a pair of prescriptionsunglasses from Firmoo!

So you are thinking about snatching some sunglasses now? O yes! Why not check Firmoo for some new collections! Affordable, durable, comfortable and fashionable - these are Firmoo in a line. Get ready for summer with Firmoo sunglasses! These glasses are great and  I have pictures below are of a pair of Firmoo I have and love.

PS:  All the photos above are from Firmoo+ and you can find many stylish looks there.  If you have no idea about what to match with your glasses, you can see here

 Glasses: Firmoo, Top: Supre, Necklace Equip

Here are some photos of Firmoo sunglasses:

Which of the above sunglasses are your favourite?

Hope you all have a wonderful day and eat lots of chocolate :)

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Collar on collar and Mooya


Shirt: Roxy, Necklace: Sportsgirl, Watch and bracelet (left hand): Marc by Marc Jacobs, Pants: Bardot, Braclets and rings: i think lovisa, Shoes: Tony Bianco, Bag: Atmos&here

I was recently introduced to the Mooya bags by the Matilda bag company that is that is quite convenient as it is one bag that has many different looks, by changing the front pocket. This is incredibly convenient for any busy woman in the morning and there are many changeable designs available. The bag can also be easily converted from a cross body, a tote or to even a clutch. This all-in-one bag is made in the USA and is eco-friendly. If you would like to find out anymore information or purchases this bag check out their website  www.mooyabag.com 

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Starting the 18th season!

Blazer: Cotton On, Pants: Zara, Shirt: MissShop, Necklace: Diva, Watch and Bracelet: Marc Jacobs, Ring: Rubi

My friends and I are finally in our last year of high-school and with this comes age of adulthood for many of my friends. 

For my best friend Steph and I we will be celebrating our 18th next year, but in the mean time we will happily celebrate our mates 18th just without the fun of clubs and alcohol. It's crazy to think that the people I met in primary school and at the start of high-school are becoming true adults and will be conquering the roads (not sure if I feel safe about that lol). It's great to see how much we have all matured and developed our friendships, all the childish drama is left behind but the childish fun still remains.

One of my closet friends Nicole recently turned 18 and her birthday kick starts the many 18th birthdays to come, I can't wait!

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