A flowy dress and efoxcity


Dress: Asos, Bag: Atoms&here, Boots: Betts, Sunnies: Miss Shop, Watch and Bracelet: Marc Jacobs, Ring: efoxcity

As you can tell by my hair being in a pony tail that I have some crazy baby hairs haha. I feel so free in this dress, it's prefect for hot days. 

The ring I am wearing is from efoxcity and I love it. I don't wear rings regularly but I do love this one, it's gorgeous and a statement ring without being too out there. Efoxcity is an online store that stocks a wide range of clothing, jewellery and other accessories.  The clothing they stock include winter jackets for men , women's jackets and fashion dresses . They sell great things and all at discounted prices. Whatever you are looking for they probably have it, even that perfect everyday ring like I was looking for. It is a great destination for a little or a lot of online retail shopping.

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A Causal Hot Day!


On Saturday it was a nearly 40 degrees Celsius, this is about 104 degrees Fahrenheit  and of course on this day it was a jam packed day. One of my closet mates and I are the young scholars of Melbourne University from our school and get to attend special events held for this program at the university. This hot day happened to be the day of our 'Welcome to Year 12 Event'. Half of the day involved a very nice air-conditioned lecture room, while the other half the day involved outdoor activities. These activities were fun, but being active in the heat was not fun. 

I'm the type of person that drips sweater from my face. I know it's gross and embarrassing! I used to play a lot of competitive sport and I looked wrecked the first 5 minutes of the game, when really I was merely warmed up. So today I unfortunately was dripping sweat and it was so embarrassing as I was meeting new people, which means first impressions.. ekkkkk! So I went through the day constantly patting my face, wishing I had a towel with me (lol) and that I wasn't outside being active in this heat. So of course to make myself feel better I bought some macaroons on the way home. My favourite is salted caramel YUMMY!

Shirt: Ralph Lauren, Shorts: Element, Shoes: Vans, Bracelet and Watch: Marc Jacobs, Bag: Atmos&here, Sunnies: Miss Shop

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Happy Belated Valentines Day!


Shirt: Colorado, Playsuit: Supre, Shoes: City Beach, Bag: Sportsgirl, Bracelet & Watch: Marc Jacobs, Necklace: Tiffany & Co, Sunnies: Miss Shop

Just like every other year I am valentineless, no surprise there. Instead of fussing over my loneliness my best friend and I decided to go to Chapel St and have a lovely day. We drowned our sorrows by doing some shopping, eating a lovely lunch and just absorbing the Melbourne atmosphere. 

I like the concept of Valentine's day as it's time for you to really appreciate your special loved one. Unfortunately I don't have a special loved one to appreciate, but hey I'm 17 there will be one in the future, hopefully.... But what I don't understand on Valentines Day is the fucking $100 teddy bears, like what...? If you like gigantic and ridiculously expensive teddy bears that's fine, but I just think it's a little cray cray. Like what do you do with a huge teddy bear? Do you just let it collect dust in the corner of your room? I understand that it's very cute, generous and has a very sentimental value, but it's just not my thing. There's a huge expectation on Valentine's Day to buy an expensive present and go eat at an expensive restaurant. It is extremely generous and nice to do that, but people shouldn't feel obligated to do some serious damage to their bank account. I personally think that just making your significant other feel very appreciated and loved on this special day is the most important thing, with or without an $100 teddy bear.

Our yummy food:

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Covergirl Outlast Lipstain


The Covergirl Outlast lip stains featured in this post is in the colour 400 and 425. I am wearing 400 in the second photo and the bottom right of the first photo. I am wearing 425 in the top left in the first photo, the 3rd photo and 4th photo. These were the first lip stains I have tried and I do have to say that I love them!

  • they're long lasting
  • great colour pay off
  • easy application
  • less maintenance than other lip products such as glosses and lip sticks
  • a nice matter finish
  • inexpensive
  • more intense colour on the lips than thought to be
  • may need to use a lip liner and gloss for a more polished look
  • may need to work with it for a bit as the tip can dry out
The pros outweight the cons (which aren't even that bad) and for the inexpensive price tag I think this is a great lip product to pick up. A great long lasting lip colour that requires minimal maintenance. I love the matte finish it gives, which I love even more for colour 425 because it applies on as an intense matter red lip.

T-shirt: Big-W, Necklace: Collette

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Birthday Brunch at the Conservatory!


My best friend Steph and I were born a day apart so we celebrate our birthday together.  My birthday is on the 4th of February and Steph's is a day after on the 5th. We decided to have Sunday Brunch a day before my birthday to celebrate both our birthdays. We have always wanted to eat at the Conservatory because we thought the restaurant looked so sophisticated and classy, so we made a booking and enjoyed an amazing buffet brunch. The Conservatory is a premium restaurant at Crown Casino in Melbourne and everything from the food, atmosphere and service is great. We had a wonderful time!

Two of our many plates!

Blazer: Topshop, Top: Chicabooti, Pants: Zara, Bag: Oroton, Shoes: Marc Jacobs, Watch: Marc Jacobs, Bracelet: Tiffany and Co, Sunnies: Ray Ban

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